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Discover the Massage Matters Difference.

Recovery. Starts. Now.

Receive a personalized massage, appreciating your body’s needs at this very moment. At Massage Matters, we aid in everything from sports-related injuries to day-to-day aches and pains.

What We Treat.

At Massage Matters, we not only address your specific health needs at the moment, we also take pride in educating our clients on how they can take steps to towards preventative care for their future.

Why Incorporate Tools?

Read the benefits below for both clients and massage therapists and ask to incorporate massage tools in your personalized massage



Magnifies the abnormalities in the fascia and make it easier to locate the area to treat

Myofascial Decompression

“Cupping” increases blood flow, reduces scar tissue formation and decreases tightness in muscles and the surrounding fascia

Percussive Therapy

Relaxes tight muscles, breaks up scar tissue and minimizes muscle soreness and tension

Compression Tack and Floss

Creates a shearing effect in the tendon, which restores a gliding function of the tendon and surrounding structures


Used in an effort to relieve muscle pain, sprains and swelling after soft tissue damage

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