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Why Massage Matters

Massage Matters is an in-home massage company that is quickly becoming a favorite amongst Orange County’s relief seekers. Established by certified therapist Korey Mitchell in May 2015, Massage Matters provides top of the line services and key benefits of massage therapy in the convenience and comfort of your own home; in other words, we bring the spa to you. With our considerable menu of services and features, you are sure to discover the true reason that "massage matters."

Korey Mitchell (Cert #35696)

Korey Mitchell is a certified and insured Massage Therapist that has been striving to bring relaxation and rehabilitation to his clients since 2012.

After working nearly 3 years for a corporate-run spa, Korey realized his calling as a Therapist required a more personal and devoted relationship with his clients; thus Massage Matters was born.

Korey realizes that massage therapy is not simply about temporary relief, but long-lasting maintenance and a deeper knowledge of one’s own body. He believes that the key to alleviating tension is to first identify the underlying causes. During each custom-designed service, Korey educates his clients throughout so that they are able to become more in-tune with the workings of the human anatomy. This practice is designed to create awareness about what is causing the tension, as well as how it may be preventable in any way, in order to create an overall stress-relieving experience.