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We'll Come To Your Onsite Events

Looking for on-site massages at your workplace or an upcoming sporting event? We have you covered.

Why Event Services?

 Our therapists will provide custom massage sessions tailored to your guests’ needs so they can continue through the event refreshed or leave feeling relaxed and enriched.

Office Events

Hire us for your growing companies’ on-site workplace massages.
We will help your employees destress in the work environment to
promote productivity and employee wellness.


What are the Benefits of Massage in the Workplace?

Lowered blood pressure 
Increased Employee Retention 
Improved Employee Morale 
Increased Productivity 
Decreased Stress 
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Boosted Immune System
Improved Quality of Sleep
Less Frequent Headaches
Decreased Anxiety and Depression
Prevention of repetitive stress symptoms and injuries
Decreased absenteeism
Greater appreciation for the company
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Sporting Events


Everyone should recover like a pro! We work with athletes and pro athletes alike, designing and participating in all types of sporting formats. Whether you are competing in golf tournaments or slugging it out in combat sports, Massage Matters will be there.


What are the Benefits of Sports Massage?

Increased joint range of motion
Increased flexibility
Increased sense of well-being
Decreased muscle tension
Decreased neurological excitability
Decreased muscle spasms
Better sleep

Massage Matters
Past Events

MMA events

Jiu Jitu tournaments

Full marathons

5K runs

Golf tournaments

Mud runs

Spartan races

Volleyball tournaments