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Company Policies

Wellness Program Policy:

  • Wellness Programs are automatically charged on the 1st of every month
  • Wellness Programs are charged $89.00 on the 1st of the month
  • The monthly charge gives the member (1) 50 min service & (1) Add-On at $20.00 value
  • The monthly 50 min massage prepaid may be redeemed towards an 80min OR 110min service. Members will just pay for the difference owed
  • All 50min prepaids roll over into the next months if not redeemed. 50min Prepaids do not lose value as long as the member remains active and up to date
  • The Wellness Programs are Month to Month ONLY; Programs can be canceled with a 30-day notice
  • Massage Members receive a gift on their birthdays via email the day of their birthday (Certificate sent as long as the members birthday & email is on file)
  • Members who remain up to date with their prepaids and do not accumulate prepaids receive discounts for additional visits in the month
  • Member’s prepaids, benefits & discounts are non-transferable & cannot be shared
  • Members receive 10% off all retail products
  • Members receive one Service Add-On each month, a $20 credit that expires at the end of the month if it’s not used. May be used for any Service Add-Ons, if Add-On is more than $20 the Client will pay the difference.

Prepaid Policy:

  • Wellness Program Members receive (1) 50min prepaid & (1) Add-On at $20.00 value a month after their monthly charge
  • 50min Prepaids roll over into the next month if not redeemed within the month received. 50min Prepaids continue to roll over month to month until they are redeemed by the Member
  •  Add-On prepaids must be redeemed within the month issued. Add-On prepaids do not rollover
  • 50min Prepaids do not lose value as long as the Member’s wellness program is active & up to date
  • 50min Prepaids will lose member value if the Member’s wellness program is inactive or past due
  • 50min Prepaids can be redeemed towards Member Services Only
  • 50min Massage prepaids can be redeemed towards Massage services Only
  • Prepaids are non-transferrable & intended to be redeemed by the Member & Member Only

Appointment Cancellation Policy:

  • We ask that all appointments are canceled the day before your scheduled service by the end of the day. We do charge for same-day cancellation requests, same-day rescheduling requests & no call, no shows.
  • No call, No show is charged 100% of the service fee
  • Same day cancellation notice is charged 50% of Service Amount
  • Be advised same day rescheduling includes requests to adjusting the appointment to a different hour on the day of the appointment

Late Arrivals Policy:

  • Late arrivals will be charged for the full-service time reserved with the therapist
  • We will provide as much time as we possibly can. However, late arrivals will not receive their full time

Wellness Program Cancellation Policy:

  • 30-day notice to cancel Wellness Program
  • Massage Matters cancellation form filled out & submitted to the clinic as a 30-day notice.
  • Wellness Program Accounts must be active & up to date in order to cancel
  • Wellness Program Accounts cannot be past due or on a Freeze Status. Account must be active
  • If monthly dues fall within 30-day notice, one more monthly due will be processed as the final payment. Members will have 30 days from the final payment date to redeem any prepaids on account at the Member Rate.
  • If prepaids are not redeemed within the final days of being a member, they will be transferred to the ex-member’s account as a dollar amount that may be redeemed towards the services intended at the non-member rates.

Wellness Program Freeze Policy:

  • Our Freeze option allows members to put their account & benefits on a temporary hold.
  • Account must be up to date & active prior to Freeze request
  • Massage Matters Freeze form filled out & submitted to the clinic
  • 5 day notice minimum to avoid the next monthly dues from being charged
  • Accounts can be Frozen between 1 – 3 months. Up to 3 months at a time
  • Monthly charges will not be processed for the requested time frame (1 – 3 months)
  • Member’s benefits, discounts & promotions are not accessible during this time
  • Member’s prepaids cannot be redeemed while the account is on freeze
  • Freeze can be ended sooner than the original requested date. If the Member requests to reactivate their wellness program sooner than their original date, the Member’s monthly payment will be processed the day of the request to reactivate their wellness program.

Gift Card Policy: Massage Matters

  • Gift cards are treated as a form of money. We are not liable for lost or stolen gift cards
  • Gift Cards must be presented at the time of check-in
  • Gift Cards can be redeemed towards Services Only
  • Cannot be redeemed towards Member Monthly Dues, Retail Products, Service Add-Ons OR Promotions

Gift Card Policy: SpaFinder

  • We are not liable for lost or stolen gift cards. SpaFinder is a 3rd party company.
  • Gift Cards must be presented at the time of check-in
  • SpaFinder gift cards can be redeemed towards our Nonmember Massage Service Rates ONLY.
  • Cannot be redeemed towards Member Monthly Dues, Member Rates, Retail Products, Service Add-Ons, Chiropractic Services, Gratuity OR Promotions

*** We ONLY accept SpaFinder & Massage Matters Gift Cards***

Massage Matters Privacy Policy

Effective Date: This Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy” or “Policy”) was last updated on June 22, 2023.

This Privacy Policy describes how information obtained from visitors of the website (the “Website”), the Massage Matters® Mobile Application (the “Mobile Application”), the Massage Matters® In-Store Forms Application (the “In-Store Application”) (the Mobile Application and In-Store Application are collectively, the “Applications”) is collected, used, and disclosed.

Through the Website and/or the Application(s), Massage Matters® is providing you with information about products and services offered at independently owned locations, for massage sessions, along with the ability to (a) schedule, modify, and/or cancel appointments with any Massage Matters® location; (b) provide information and complete forms with your Massage Matters® location regarding massage and sessions; (c) enter into and use benefits under any Wellness Program Agreement entered into with your Massage Matters® location; (d) purchase and/or redeem gift cards at any Massage Matters® location; (e) purchase massage sessions and product at any Massage Matters® location as a guest; (f) view information about and find the Massage Matters®  location nearest you; (g) request corporation information; (h) complete customer satisfaction surveys about any Masssage Matters® location; (i) view opportunities to apply for employment with a Massage Matters® location.
Please note that this Policy applies to consumer information collected by Massage Matters, LLC through the Website and/or Applications. Your use of the Website, Application(s), and/or any information or content provided on any of them, any Service, and/or any service or product provided by or purchased from any Massage Matters® location, and any dispute over privacy is subject to this Policy and the Terms and Conditions, including its applicable limitations on damages and the resolution of disputes.  The Terms and Conditions are incorporated by reference into this Policy.